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Stone Lanterns

Stone Lanterns or "Ishi-Doro" History

Lanterns were originally introduced into Japan from China. The first ones were made of metal and primarily used to light doorways of shrines and temples.

They were later made of stone for use in Japanese gardens, but it wasn't until they were introduced into Japanese tea gardens by tea-master Sen-no-Rikkyu that they really became a major garden element.

Japanese tea ceremonies were often held in the evenings when light was needed to guide guests to the tea room.

Stone lanterns can be classified into four basic categories:
  • tachi-gata (pedestal lanterns)
  • ikekomi-gata (buried lanterns)
  • oki-gata (small, set lanterns) and
  • yukimi-gata (snow-viewing lanterns).
Today, stone lanterns are primarily used for garden enhancements and for visual delight.

See our different Stone Lantern categories:
Tsukubai (Water Basins)
Yukimi-gata Lanterns (Snow-viewing Lanterns)
Tachi-gata Lanterns (Pedestal Lanterns)
Ikekomi-gata Lanterns (Buried Lanterns)
Oki-gata Lanterns (small, set lanterns)
Pagoda Lanterns
Other Lanterns